by The Mirage Theory

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released February 22, 2014

all music and lyrics by the mirage theory
artwork by zeb love from the organ media
band photography by bstatic photography

produced by the mirage theory and hector santiago at death frog studios
vocal production by jay e. rochet and the mirage theory
mixed and mastered by leo alvarez at rezenent studios



all rights reserved


The Mirage Theory California

Progressive Metalcore band from Puerto Rico established in 2007, composed of drummer Davier Perez, guitarists Cesar Adames and Giovanni Melendez, keyboardist Jon Viguié, bassist Daniel Rodriguez and Jan Michael Vega on vocals.

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Track Name: Collider
sailors rushing through the river’s end
they’ve lost their way in the silence of sleep
pursuit has laid the course
their enemies now pace
the fates have cast their last threads . . .
Track Name: Too Many Dreams
repeat these lies with me, all of you
of events predicted, but not prevented
if i was buried alive in a closet,
my bones would wander on the outside
where my imagination is residing
a scream that comes from beneath the sidewalk
my voice is drowed by the steps left to take

i’ve seen a stranger inside too many dreams of mine
she always finds me, and i don’t try to resist
it’s strange how she seems to be
a stranger who does not mind
because she will always be a possibility that doesn’t exist

i’ve tried to tell the truth
i’ve even tried to sell it
i have imagined the world as just one person
and that i can see through everyone else
but everyone has covered up the masks they used to wear

adapted morality will become a maintained threat
perception will be scattered and rendered adrift
so let’s accept that if there’s no change within insanity
then being sane is nothing normal
there’s only wanting lives you cannot live
and taking on burdens you will not bear

you will all try to tell me what you think i need to hear
but what i hear is what i know
and what i know is not enough
Track Name: The Dying and the Dead
in a second, we walked ten years away from what we used to be
claiming the reasons why made any sense at all
but what is real never looks how it feels
and so i knew that you’d never hear my voice again
i kept on choking while you disposed of every ounce of your mercy

my thoughts are wrapped around wrapped concern everytime i remember
how you were always the one who was dying
and i was always the one who was dead

we were a figment envisioned in relapse
absent reflections have forced us to look back
everything’s the same when nothing’s in the way
only black and white
how you see the world
and what i think i know

this distance will let us breathe in once i leave for the last time

stop believing that we can somehow rebuild what will no longer stand

ten years have passed
and i have counted each second
there never was a reason to claim
we ever felt anything other than hate

i have unwrapped all of my thoughts from concern
for now i know
that in the end there’s only death
Track Name: Illusions
all worlds must collide into the same thought
and i can’t bring myself to accept that all is lost
come, let’s fly
let the vastness drown us through our eyes
when the feeling ceases to be strange
just don’t wake up
cease your thoughts
Track Name: Origin
open eyes watching through fractal images
every man a mystery under the sun
a silent shadow floats above the earth
the light has dimmed yet they keep walking on
their daily lives not ruptured by the blackened sky
the end has come but they are not surprised
as fire rains from seven shining needles
four spaceships fly in tragical designs

and placidly they all move on like children
the hinges of their sanity in place
they fuck, they eat, they breathe, and they consume
oh space man, destroy us, we don’t care

light surrounds my sillouhette but i’m not dead
how would i know?
suddenly it is me who looks down on the city
as i’m devoured by the sky

white room with no walls
i’m naked but not cold
loud voice fills the room
i ask
who are you?

wires in my skin:

“i am the consciousness
the destroyer
your enemy
humbled by the apathy of your kind

your lands burn
your spawns die
and not a flicker
on any eye

we must destroy to rebuild life
man will rise again in another time
if you choose to

wake up
join us
you will carry the new evolution”

restart consciousness

beneath the veil this life had never seemed so frail
walking through a porcelain reality
with open eyes, but lacking sight
we’ll never mind
it ends tonight
and only in our dreams we’ll ever find a way back home